IRIS 42: Information and Research Instruction Suite for two-year colleges

t in aspect stands for timeliness

Is the site current and up to date?

Sometimes web sites have articles that are individually dated, as the example shows. If these dates are current, you have a clue that the site maintained and updated on a regular basis.

Dates on many web sites are not always this easy to find. There may just be a date at the bottom of the page. Scroll around and look around for any evidence that this site is current and hasn't been abandoned by its creator.

If you can't find a date at all, consider not using the site. Seriously. Citing facts and statistics with no date is like using anonymous information. librarian's secret

If the only date you find is today's date, chances are that it's an automatic, programmed date. Don't assume that the information was updated today.

looks for evidence that the site is kept up to date.
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