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Evaluating Information

Using information is more than just typing in keywords and getting stuff on your topic. Part of research is to get into the habit of critically analyzing your sources.

That critical analysis - or evaluation - isn't just about determinig whether the source is accurate and credible. It's also about seeing if the source is appropriate for what you need.

To walk you through the process, this series of three tutorials will illustrate criteria and techniques you can use to make sure you're working with good and appropriate sources. Once you understand these concepts, you can often evaluate a souce in just a few minutes. The time you spend on evaluating can save you hours later on.

  • Evaluating Sources, Part 1: Introduction mouse icon Click
  • Evaluating Sources, Part 2: Books and Articles mouse icon Click
  • Evaluating Sources, Part 3: Web Sites mouse icon Click

updated: 24/10/08