IRIS 42: Information and Research Instruction Suite for two-year colleges

c in aspect stands for currency

Is it what you need?

Everything you've learned so far will help determine if a web site is one you can trust and use in your research. But you should also make sure the site is appropriate for your needs. Ask yourself the following:

Check the reputation

It is often helpful to see what others say about a website. For example, you can search on the Librarian's Internet Index, a web directory created and maintained by librarians, who recommend websites after careful review and evaluation. The web site's inclusion in the Librarian's Internet Index is a strong vote of confidence that the website is credible.

Also, try searching on the author or organization's name in a
search engine or database to see what additional information you can locate.

What do others say about the site? Check the reputation in databases or review tools.

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