IRIS 42: Information and Research Instruction Suite for two-year colleges

Books with Many Subjects

Call numbers Can focus a subject

You've learned that the first line of call numbers represents the general subject of the book. But often subjects are linked with other subjects. Like Art and Music, or Gaming and Education. Libraries choose the main subject so that books on a similar topic are next to each other. Examples:

Using Library of Congress, if the topic is leadership ...

Using Dewey Decimal, if your topic is leadership ...

Finding Books with many subjects

If a book has three, four, or more subjects, will the library buy many copies to have one copy for each subject call number?

Of course not. Keeping track of multiple subjects is the job of the library catalog -- the database you use to locate library materials. The physical book can only be on one place, but the electronic record for the book can include references to all the subjects in the book. The library catalog is the best tool to start your search for library materials.

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