IRIS 42: Information and Research Instruction Suite for two-year colleges

Taking a Field Trip?

You'll appreciate the uniformity

You've learned that most libraries across the country use either Dewey or LC to organize their books. Here's another useful thing to know: most libraries buy their call numbers from the same company.

So, if you find a book in one library that uses the Library of Congress system, chances are that the call number would be the same (or very close to the same) in another library using LC. The same is true for libraries using Dewey Decimal.


Title of Book: Room Full of Mirrors: a Biography of Jimi Hendrix

Library Call Number
Everett Community College Library ML410.H476 C76 2005
Bellevue Community College Library ML410.H476C76 2005
Edmonds Community College Library ML410.H476C76 2005
Whatcom Community College Library ML421.H476C76 2005
... see how it works?


In larger or smaller libraries you might find minor differences, but in general, the uniformity makes it easy for you to find materials and be comfortable using different libraries. Next >>