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Scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals typically include an abstract and author credentials. Scholarly Journals

Periodicals for Academics

Some academic (scholarly) journals go through a rigorous review process before publication. In the most rigorous type, a group of scholars or specialists in the field reviews some of the articles for scholarly soundness and academic value. This process is called peer review, or refereeing.

Not all scholarly journals are refereed, but that does not mean they are not academically sound.

Look for the author's name and academic credentials. Scholars also include their sources at the end of the article.

Check the date and make sure it's appropriate for your topic.

For an idea of the contents, read the article abstract (summary) and skim the article to see if the language and information level will work for you.

librarian's tip Be warned: journal articles are excellent for in-depth research, but they are written for other scholars, not students. If the article looks worthwhile, do your best to work through it and understand as much as you can. If the language is particularly challenging, ask a librarian to recommend a subject-specific dictionary.

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