IRIS 42: Information and Research Instruction Suite for two-year colleges

Books and E-Books

Sometimes the best source of information is a book

Still have a purpose to serve

Books cover virtually any topic, fact or fiction. For research purposes, you will probably be looking for books that synthesize all the information on one topic to support a particular argument or thesis. Libraries organize and store their book collections on shelves called "stacks."

College libraries purchase many of their books from academic publishers. Many students, however, erroneously believe that books count as peer-reviewed sources. Not true. Peer-reviewing is a concept generally associated with scholarly journals.

Electronic books, called e-books, may also be available online from your library.

Google Books is a massive, free collection of digital books. You're often able to view "snippets" or short passages from books online. Most of the books are not full-text.

Use a Book

Best Tools for Finding Books

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