IRIS 42: Information and Research Instruction Suite for two-year colleges

Fee Databases

You library pays the fee for many

The information in some databases is protected by passwords or require a subscription or fee.

Suppose you need to find an article in a scholarly journal. A search engine is not the best tool for this type of information need. Instead, go to the library's web site, pick a database and click on the name.

If you're on campus, you'll probably go right into the database when you click on it. If you're off campus, you'll probably have to enter a user name and ID#. If you don't know what to enter, ask your college librarian.

From off campus you may need to enter a user name and ID number to access some of the library's periodicals and reference databases.

Neither Google nor any other search engine can get past the password box. The information in ProQuest is too deep for a search engine to search. ProQuest and similar periodicals databases are part of the fee deep Web.Next >>