IRIS 42: Information and Research Instruction Suite for two-year colleges

Google the Library

See the difference between a web page and a database

Start with any search engine. As an example, we'll use Google to look for the Everett Community College Library web site. Google shows the library's web site because it has "crawled" the web, found the link to Everett Community College Library web site, and added the link to its own database.

Search for "everett community college" "library media center" in google - the library's web page shows up as the first item in the list.

Now use Google to find a book in this library:

In Gogle, search for "everett community college" "library" "the psychology of everyday things"

Zero hits. A search engine cannot "crawl" the library's database of books (book catalog). The library's web site is part of the open Web. The library's catalog is in the deep Web. Next >>