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IRIS 4-2 Style Manual & Design Notes

Guidelines for creating consistency

Common words

File naming conventions

Module File Structure

Rules-of-thumb for lessons

Image Styles

Three basic fonts for image text and captions: Eras Demi ITC (captions, headers) , Verdana (text), Rockwell (text that is mimicking typing, as in a student's work).

Navigation links

Breadcrumb Trail: on final page of each module, the last item in breadcrumb trail changes from NEXT to START and MENU.


Video Clips

We used Camtasia Studio to record screen shots. To get the clearest image in the final produce, I set the screen to the finished size before recording. I used a useful tool called Sizer to set and maintain the window size. Sizer also maintains the screen size when you click from one screen to another. It takes about 2 seconds to download Sizer. Once installed, you can set up favorite window sizes to select.

Favorite setting is 530x400. It really depends on how far down I can squish the screen and still see the content. Make the most of the recording size by closing all the unneeded top toolbars.

Settings for Camtasia/Video Clips:

Camtasia Production settings: custom production -->Flash --> One Video --> Classic Theme; Flash Options: FLV, Video Quality 50%, Background white --> Change dimensions --> custom; 530 (keep aspect ratio) (530 provides enough space to add Halo Skin 3 in Dreamweaver, and still keep the total width small enough to fit in the content area.

Dreaweaver Import media settings (shown below)

General formatting using Styles

About the Box Model

IRIS 42 is designed using the "box model" layout style, rather than table-based layout. The box model is the preferred format for accessibilty, and also provides many more options for formatting.